About Us

L.J. Keefe Co. (Keefe) traces its beginning to 1892, when Luke John Keefe, Sr., grandfather of its current president, founded a plumbing business in Chicago, IL.

Since that time, construction has been the family business for the last four generations. In 1967, L.J. Keefe Co. incorporated in the State of Illinois, and since 1972 has concentrated its work activities in trenchless construction. While Keefe's location and main focus area has remained in the Midwest, it is capable of meeting project demands nationwide. Through the years, Keefe has been consistently dedicated to combining the latest technology with one of the most experienced work forces in the industry.

The result of these efforts can be seen in the professional attitude shared by Keefe employees, and is evidenced by its long history of building relationships with its customers.

Auger-Boring Operation